D-N-A Fit RWB Club


It turns out; one really is the loneliest number… especially when you comes to motivating yourself to lace them up and run.

Maybe you’re an avid runner and would love to combine your athleticism with one of your other hobbies. Maybe you loathe running and need more motivation to pound the pavement or hit the treadmill. Or maybe you are just looking to put a spark in your weight management program. Either way, our running club is a fun way to get some miles in. There’s no physical location. Each of us runs whenever and wherever we want (sometimes a specific day or time is suggested, but not required), and everyone is on the honor system to get it done. Runners can also split the distance up over several runs, instead of doing it all in one go. So join up with other motivated runners as we embark on this journey together

Did we mention this might be the coolest way to meet people? Okay, so we don’t have proof, but we can guarantee you’ll end up with a few more pals than you had before.

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