Hi! My name is Jennifer,

I have been a medical assistant for the last 25 years.  Growing up, I was very active playing softball, swimming, and bike riding. As an adult I became less active and, eventually, a couch potato. Finally, in 2009 I made a life changing decision to get healthy. I am now on an amazing journey through physical fitness and nutrition. I have lost over 130 pounds and am very close to achieving my weight loss goal of 150 pounds. I have learned that with hard work and determination anything is possible.

Now that fitness is a very important part of my life, I am currently completing my national certification in personal training with NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers).

I believe it is never to late to start a fitness program and I would love to help encourage and inspire you to make a positive change in your life. Together we can achieve our fitness goals.